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Kiblec offer a wide range of electrical installations covering domestic, commercial & industrial with over 10 years experience we design a cost effective solution for your system.... {Read More}

Electrical Test & Inspection Fixed Installation Testing

This test outlines any defects that may prove to be a safety hazard on the electrical wiring of a property. Fixed installations can sustain damage over time due to factors.... {Read More}

Homebuyers Periodic Inspection Report

This report takes the form of a fixed installation test, in which the electrical wiring on the property you wish to purchase is tested for any defects. We would definitely recommend all ... {Read More}

Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate

Owners of buildings have a duty of care to its users, so it's a landlord's responsibility to ensure the electrical installation is safe when a new tenancy begins, and is maintained.... {Read More}

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Security Servicing

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Texecom wireless Intruder Alarm Installation:

  • 1 x Premier Elite 64-W (panel)
  • 5 x Premier Proximity Tags (user fobs)
  • 1 x Premier Elite LCDLP-W (keypad)
  • 3 x Premier Compact PW-W (PIR Detectors)
  • 1 x Premier Elite Micro Contact-W (Door contact)
  • 1 x Odyssey X-W Backplate (live bell)
  • 1 x Odyssey X-D (Decoy bell)
  • 2 x Odyssey X3 Cover (Kiblec Bell box cover)
  • 1 x 12v 7.0ah back up battery
  • 1 xCertificate of inspection with 12 months warranty and coverage £650
  • Texecom connect with mobile app monitoring and system control as shown in picture 2 (optional)
Fuseboard upgrade prices:
  • 6way- £305
  • 8way- £335
  • 10way-£365
  • 12way-£395
  • 14way-£435